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This is our P C World Computer Shop page. We have listed the full address of P C World, phone numbers and websites. P C World is in Exeter, P C World offers cheap computers, cheap laptops & cheap PCs in Exeter. They also offer cheap PC and laptop repairs and parts in Exeter.

P C World Map:
P C World
Unit 2
The Exebridge Centre
Exeter, EX4 1AH
Phone: 0870-242 0444


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    Jessica on 27 Oct 2010
    Between me and my dad we have bought several things from Pc world including a computer, camera, keyboard etc. and the more expensive the item the less they want to know about it when something went wrong, which was often the case. There was a problem with the computer, that we never got diagnosed because when we went to ask them about the problem they said all they could do was send it to be repaired. We did this and when the product came back it was worse than when we sent it, this time it didn't even get past the start-up screen. After a lot of to-in and fro-ing we decided on a refund and Both me and my dad were dissappointed in the overall attitude to dealing with products that were being returned as they genuinely didn't want to give a refund or any form of exchange worth while so we haven't shopped at PC world since.
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    Duncan on 03 Jan 2009
    Bought an Epson DX7450 printer @ PCWorld. Paper sheet got eaten & couldn\'t unjam so took it in for repair. The printer they gave me back wasn\'t the one I took in but came from some general pool of broken printers that Epson keep and PCWorld couldn\'t guarantee anything about its history or age. At no point had PCWorld suggested that I would be getting back anything other than the printer I had bought brand new.Had to take back the replacement as PCWorld had failed to mention it needed further software downloaded to work. When got this printer back again found all ink cartridges virtually empty while original had been fitted with almost brand new cartridges. Service affable enough but sloppy in the extreme. Won\'t be using them again (and won\'t be getting another Epson tho that not necessarily PCWorld\'s fault).
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    Jemma on 30 Dec 2008
    PC World Bristol, Winterstoke Road. I knew exactly what I wanted/needed and knew the right model etc. Asked if it was instock, it was. Lady dissapeared. When I asked the 4 sales people stood around chatting I wanted to just BUY it, they said I have to wait and gave me a number, the store was empty. About half hour later a guy came and found me and asked which one I wanted, he then told me the model didn\'t have enough GB and that I\'m making a mistake if I don\'t spend more money, I said no he had a constant attitude when putting it through the till. In the end my dad told him his attitude was unacceptable and then this guy just walked away. He then told his manager and she apoligised on his behalf. Couldn\'t wait to get out of the store, had a good mind to refund it and buy it next door in curries. Absoloutly terrible.
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    Brian Wall on 20 Nov 2008
    This shop has moved a while ago and because of this the map is now out of date.
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    Jonny on 06 Jul 2008
    amazing, that is all. its a joy to walk into that store, although the staff uniforms are terribly bland
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    Rose on 07 May 2008
    I was very disappointed with the service at pc world the staff were very rude and gave little advice, also prices are a complete rip off.
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    Rose on 07 May 2008
    Service was very poor, staff are extremely rude and have little advise to give. Also prices are very high.

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