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PC Shop: Computer Planet

This is our Computer Planet Computer Shop page. We have listed the full address of Computer Planet, phone numbers and websites. Computer Planet is in Manchester, Computer Planet offers cheap computers, cheap laptops & cheap PCs in Manchester. They also offer cheap PC and laptop repairs and parts in Manchester.

Computer Shop Rank
Computer Planet
Jupiter House
Roebuck Lane
Manchester, M33 7SQ
Phone: 0161 660 9150

All Shop Reviews

* 007

Computer Planet at your own risk 1) The supposed 9 working days is just a lure to con naive customer like me. It took 5 weeks. 2) I have been charged for things they didn't add or do, like Raid or Windows tuning. You would think they'll just deduct them from the initial amount paid, well they didn't. And honestly, I am so disgusted with this so called planetary company that I just prefer to forget about this experience and at all cost avoid communication with them. So much so that I'd rather avoid them than even report many faulty USB ports, a fan that doesn't work, and God knows what other things I have not yet seen or tested. As far as support goes, you'd better trust a well known company with a full support section than go through the private emailing and feel as if they're doing you a favor. 3) When the computer arrived, everything externally showed that it had already been used. And more significantly, how can Windows updates be already done in July 2012 when I had ordered my computer in December 2012? 4) Customer service is the worst you can imagine, it's no less than dictatorship. The moment you commit yourself to buying, just forget fairness. Go and find out for yourself! If you're a potential customer, expect heaven from them, they'll be with you anytime you ask them a question. But once you have paid them, they'll just forget about you. And if you hope for a refund, even if you're perfectly justified, forget it, unless you're willing to pay them a 120 penalty (plus return fees). So, supposing you go ahead for refund, they would enjoy that amount and re-sell the returned computer to someone else as it happened to me. They won't give you something for nothing, I believe it is by cunning that they manage to survive. 5) Instead of just buying a newer computer from a well known company I used to, and I should honestly add with complete satisfaction (not allowed to mention the name I guess), I stupidly believed that I could 'have the cake and eat', i.e buy cheap on precise requirements and hope that it will go without a hitch. I wrongly believed the good reviews before deciding and now I am wondering how many are genuinely written by real customers and not by Computer Planet's elements. So, if you're still unsure about this company, you'd better trust the negative reviews because truth is when it hurts, and when it hurts to that point, that can only mean that something is not quite right. ...

Feb 10, 2013

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