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PC Shop: Lightening Computers

This is our Lightening Computers Computer Shop page. We have listed the full address of Lightening Computers, phone numbers and websites. Lightening Computers is in St. Helens, Lightening Computers offers cheap computers, cheap laptops & cheap PCs in St. Helens. They also offer cheap PC and laptop repairs and parts in St. Helens.

Computer Shop Rank
Lightening Computers
107 Duke Street
St. Helens, WA10 2JG
Phone: 01744 751110
Fax: 01744 882746

All Shop Reviews

* robert

hi lightning lads my mum bought me a laptop from your shop its great thanks lads you have great advice great knowledge and lots more :)...

Jan 21, 2011
* Phil Ritson

I have been using Lightning Computers St Helens for several years now. I am 50+ and disabled, so I need my computer as a lifeline and to keep in touch and to look for work and homeworking opportunities online etc, since being forced out of my last job due to my disability. These lads are true professionals and restore my faith in human nature. I have been victim of many home working opportunity scams via my internet searching, SO IT DOES MY HEART GOOD TO KNOW THAT THERE ARE STILL DECENT HONEST HARD WORKING AND GENUINE BUSINESS PEOPLE LIKE THESE LADS IN MY OWN LOCAL COMMUNITY!!!!! They are always willing to give advice and service with a genuine smile. They don't patronise and don't talk over people's heads. They provide first class customer service and bargains and I receive their email every week which informs me of even more great deals!!! I hope they keep growing from strength to strength and towards ongoing success especially as it is so rare these days to find such genuine and sincere service backed up by individual advice and always an attentive listening ear from the staff. I have bought ready to use PC's and also peripherals and things like CD packs, USB sticks; large or small deal, I have always received friendly and helpful advice and service etc I am just sorry, due to my periods of disability and depression that it has took me so long to say Thanks Lightning Computers, Duke Street, St Helens, Merseyside and to give them this feedback that they truly deserve. Well done lads and keep up the valued and great work and please know that all your efforts and service do make a difference and are appreciated very much....

May 22, 2010
* Tom Hill

Bought a new PC from them a few months ago. Excellent service and advice. Tell them what you want use the computer for and they will advise you what you need. Never try the hard sell. Had my daughter PC repaired here in the past and the work was done quickly at a good price. Also have good prices on accessories medis etd...

Oct 27, 2009
* Ryan Hamilton

Very good service , computer was built within 2 days works amazingly great service very helpfull and great value for money. Intel core 2 quad 2.33ghz 4gb RAM 9800gt 1 gb graphics card Windows Vista Premium with 7 upgrade 550...

Sep 8, 2009
* Ryan

I have asked lightning computers a few questions via e-mail and they reply within 5 minutes and they are prepared to change a few thing about your comuter without fuss ,they also have weekly offers which have benifited me gratly, i have not bought the computer yet but their service is second to none as the other reviews have said they dont try and sell you somthing you dont need ie i wanted a graphics card which would handle games and they didnt start saying \" heres a 200 which is good\" they said heres a 51 card and if that doesnt work on games bring it back and we will change it for a 81 card Many thanks Lightning computers...

Aug 5, 2009
* Richie Arnold

My seventy seven year old mother wanted a P.C. These lads were fantastic and very knowledgeable. P.C.was ready for her within two days. No messing and all ready to go.All my mother had to do was plug in and surf and whats more she got two gig for the price of one.They even offered to carry P.C. to the car. GOOD LADS....

Oct 22, 2008

Friendly KNOWLEDGEABLE staff, always give the best advice, fast and reliable service. Never try and sell you something you don\'t want, WELL DONE LADS, will keep coming back....

Sep 7, 2008

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